Sandbridge, Virginia is a special vacation destination frequently visited by large extended families benefitting from the enormous rental homes and a beautiful Atlantic Ocean coastline. If you are headed to Sandbridge and interested in celebrating an event during your stay, you are going to love what we can do for you! Because of the isolated location, gathering the elements for a successful celebration can lead to stress and take precious time away from your vacation. Allow us to alleviate your anxiety by delivering everything you need to your door!

How it works: In the initial conversation we will discuss the occasion of the celebration and the size and scale of the event, along with any other details you already have in mind (sparklers, a special cake, piñata, etc…). Once your vision is fully understood, we can discuss options for food, drinks, desserts, decorations and anything else you are looking for. We will act as your event planner, coordinating with vendors, creating custom decorations as required, and doing the behind-the-scenes work to make it a success. On the day of event, we will pick up all of the orders and arrive with your party in hand.

If you are looking to surprise, keep your guests entertained on the beach while we can sneak in and set up without anyone knowing (we have done it before!). Our Sandbridge house party packages are a sure way to create amazing family memories during your vacation week with minimal stress or workload for you. One constant we hear from our clients is that hiring us was worth every penny spent. We think you will be in agreement when you are able to throw a special event while remaining “on vacation” at the same time!